We’ve had a tonne of questions about our Contractor role recently so thought it timely to recap how exactly this role differs from an Employee and how it can be used to its full potential!

Aside from Client, the Contractor is the most limited of all the Trigger roles. Generally used for (you guessed it) Contractors, it can be used for any collaborator who is logging time on projects for one of your companies but doesn’t need, or isn’t authorised to view information pertaining to other companies.

You can invite a contractor through the People tab from wherever you are in the app. Just select + Add in the top right , select Invite Employee, enter the contractor’s email address and select only the companies you wish for them to have access to. Click Invite Employee and an invitation to join you will be sent straight to their inbox.

Much like an Employee, contractors can log time, update and complete tasks. However, unlike the Employee user, they are only able to access projects within companies they are invited to; they can’t see billing rates, fixed fees or time sheets.

You can add a Contractor to as many or as few companies as you like and remove them at any time. Just select the company you’d like to remove them from, then click the X next to their name. You will need to be either an Admin or Owner to in order to do this.

Happy Contracting!