We’ve spoken about the benefits of the email to task feature before, but today I wanted to draw special attention to how this can be used to make recruiting easier for your team, and how we at Trigger manage this ourselves.

We advertise our available roles in a few places but for the purpose of this blog I’m going to discuss Seek only. Seek has a pretty great Employer end which I find especially useful for emailing a large number of candidates a single communication but it’s missing a few key features - we use Trigger to pick up the slack.

The first step was to create a company in Trigger called “Jobs”, projects are then created for each available position. Back on Seek the listing is set up so that applications are sent direct to the email of the corresponding project. Tasks are automatically created for each application as they come in with any resumes and cover letters attached. As usual the tasks are assigned to the project owner and everyone on the project can view and discuss the application.

One of the things I most like about running our recruitment in this way is how easy it is to collaborate with other stakeholders. If I’m not sure about an applicant I can easily @mention to get another opinion or, should I see an amazing applicant I want to get on to straight away, it’s very easy to grab the attention of those who will be involved in the interview stage, switching the assignee as necessary. With all communication and discussion about the applicant happening within the task it’s very, very easy for anyone who hasn’t been involved from the beginning to quickly catch up on anything of note.

Provided everyone logs their time, running applications in this way also makes it incredibly easy to see how much recruitment actually costs your business.

To close out applicants just close out the task as usual - I’m sure it would be nothing but complimentary but if you’re worried about new applicants reading what you’ve said about them just delete that task or project entirely once you’re done :)

Happy hiring!