Hi Everyone, Three quick updates for you today…


New-look Roadmap

Know what’s coming up

With customers in 51 countries, we get a tonne of awesome ideas coming in from all over the world. To see what we’ve prioritised, please visit our new-look Roadmap - which we’ll update regularly.


New Integrations page

10 integrations and more on the way

If you want to get the most out of Trigger, why not team it with our current Integrations (including Xero, Dropbox and Bugsnag)?

Visit our Roadmap to learn which integrations are planned for the future. (Slack integration coming very soon!)

Email us to vote for the integrations you’d like built first.


New Product Updates

Never miss an update

If you miss one of our fortnightly update emails, you’ll now be able to catch up on our news (1-2 days after each newsletter is sent) in our Product Updates section here.


Thanks Everyone!