Need to input multiple contacts for your client companies?

If yes, then you’ll love today’s improvements…

Multiple contacts per company

Now, when you create or update a Company page, you can:

  • Input a Primary Contact AND Alternative Contacts - and include different email and physical mailing addresses for each

  • Quickly swap a Primary Contact (and address) prior to generating an invoice, then quickly swap back again after

  • Nominate which Contacts to email invoices to by default - and enable multiple Contacts to receive each invoice

Multiple contacts

  • Override the default email addresses and/or add more email addresses at the time you generate an invoice

Invoice emails

Want to see first-hand how it works? Try it out now.

Special thanks go to Sonja at Brave Media in NZ and Dan’s team at Litoria Consulting in Australia for suggesting these improvements. :)

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Thanks Everyone and enjoy your week!