Need a better way to schedule your team?

Then you’ll love today’s new feature announcement (if you’re a Premium Plan subscriber)

New Team Schedule

Yes! Today we’re officially launching your new Team Schedule.

Why are we so excited about it?

Because your new Team Schedule:

  • Enables you to schedule multiple tasks per day
  • Sorts your tasks into projects
  • Keeps your projects colour-coded
  • Allows you to easily duplicate or move tasks across your team
  • Displays your own schedule first (replacing My Schedule)
  • Gives you the ability to quickly jump to any future/past date


New Team Schedule

Want to see first-hand how it works?

If you’re a Premium Plan subscriber, either jump straight here or click on Schedule (on your left-side Trigger menu).

Not a Premium Plan subscriber yet? Upgrade here today

Premium Plan subscribers also enjoy:

  • Customised dashboard reports
  • Filtered reporting by groups (coming June/July 2017)

Anything else you need? We’d love to hear from you here.

Thanks and hope you enjoy your new Team Schedule!